About the Organisation 

Daniela Amorim is an environmental engineer, student of a doctoral degree in environmental engineering. It was she whom idealized this event. In love with the planet Earth and with the balance between it and Humans, she believes it is through knowledge and each individual personal development that is possible to create a path to sustainability.

"In my point of view, the Sustainability Journeys, in my hometown, Vila Praia de Âncora, are a perfect moment to work together with the tree pillars - social, economic an environmental - enriching all the participants with the dissemination of best practices. Furthermore, I hope that this event brings new synergies to all participants, whether they be people or companies, because to me this is the fulcrum point for our evolution." - Daniela Amorim

The Journeys 

The Sustainability Journeys of Alto Minho has its purpose in the dissemination and discussion of knowledge related to sustainability and its pillars, in a very special area of Portugal.

With this event we aim to enrich companies, the people of Alto Minho, but also all the participants and speakers from other parts of the globe.

We believe that is possible to innovate and improve the activities of all through the dissemination of best practices, ideas, and new projects, creating space for a new resilient path to sustainability.

About Quokka

The Quokka mission is to create sustainable solutions, to companies and people, that allows us to create a path towards sustainability, making the world a better place. It believes in the methodology followed, considering it innovative to boost companies in their certification and continual improvement, as well as motivational to all the citizens to make their lives better. It intends to ally the discovery of the world to the construction of a sustainable path promoting education, trips, and even voluntary work around the world.

Having a large experience in the world of business as a result of its consultancy and audit activities, as well as the direct work with people through nature activities and education, Quokka is the company that has the aim to connect all the partners, members, volunteers and participants in this event.

Our partners and sponsors

Municipal Council of Caminha

The place where everything happens, Caminha, the Municipal is our sponsor. To discover Caminha, visit the website www.cm-caminha.pt