Sustainability Journeys of Alto Minho

From March 24th to 26th

Vila Praia de Âncora, Caminha

The best tool to evolution is knowledge, join us and get to know more about this subject.

Three days, three locations, and many activities

Lectures and round tables

Firefighters of Vila Praia de Âncora Movie Theater


Sustainable market and activities

Forte da Lagarteira


Nature activities in Mountain Range

Serra de Arga


Do you know the Pillars of Sustainability?

There are three of them and we will talk about them all! One per day!

Curious? Check the program.

The equilibrium between the three pillars is what promotes the planetary balance and allows us to live and leave resources for future generations.

How to join

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Sustainability Journeys of Alto Minho

An event about partnerships, synergies, education and much more!

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